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Annual UHMIS User Recertification Test.

Hello HMIS Users, In May 2019 the UHMIS Steering committee approved a plan to require all end-users to complete a recertification test annually. Please email HMIS@Utah.gov if you need a link to the training video and test. If you are…

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UHMIS Data Quality Plan Approved by Steering Committee on 10/31/2019

The UHMIS Data Quality Plan was approved by the UHMIS Steering Committee on 10/31/19. The plan outlines data quality expectations and monitoring requirements for UHMIS of all organizations that input into UHMIS. The UHMIS Monitoring Toolkit used for the State…

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UHMIS Data Quality Plan open for Public Comment

UHMIS leadership is proud to present a UHMIS Data Quality Plan for your review. This plan details data quality expectations for UHMIS and monitoring policies for all UHMIS inputting organizations. If you received this email, you will be required to…

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HMIS Reports: Cheat Sheet for Agencies is posted.

We are proud to announce the HMIS Reports: Cheat Sheet for Agencies has been published on the UtahHMIS.org Training materials page. This document contains a description of: reports Agencies can use to check and clean up their data, commonly requested…

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New Training Videos Page

Thanks to our newest HMIS team member, Lynn Sharpe, we have been able to create a YouTube channel with training videos you can access at any time. You can find them here on this website: https://utahhmis.org/training-videos/ Keep an eye out…

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New APR and Data Quality Reports

ClientTrack has made numerous updates to the reports available in the system in order to meet the current Federal reporting requirements. As a result the following reports are no longer supported by ClientTrack and will not generate accurate data: HMIS…

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