Submit an Issue

1. In the upper right hand corner of every screen you should see the “Help” button. This can be used for three important functions: reporting issues, asking questions, and making suggestions. To start the process for any of these actions simply click on the help button


2. Once you have clicked on the help button a pop-up window should appear giving you the options to report and issue, ask a question, make a suggestion, etc. Click on the corresponding button to begin any of these processes. Issues are initially submitted to your local administrator, if you local administrator cannot solve the problem he/she can send a copy of the issue directly to Eccovia (our ClientTrack vendor). You can also click on the “View the documentation” button to open a user manual.


3. If you have clicked on the “Report an Issue” button you should now see the Report an Issue pop-up window. Enter in the summary and details of you issue. Please use the Client ID number instead of a client’s name and submit the issue from the page you are experiencing the issue on. If you want to attach a screen shot or a file that would help clarify the issue you can click on the “Attach a file or Screenshot” button to do so. These can be very helpful for those people who are trying to solve the issue. You can also chose to send the issue to other people by clicking on the “Notify additional people” button and entering in their contact information. When you are finished simply click on the “Submit” button to submit your issue.


4. You’ll be notified via email once your issue has been fixed or if we have responded to it in HMIS. If you receive an email that a note has been written on your issue this means we need additional clarification before we can fix your submitted issue. You must read and respond to these issues in HMIS before your issue will be fixed. You can find your submitted issue with notes under “My Submitted Issues” which can be found under My ClientTrack in the home workspace. To view the note simply click on the pencil next to your issue.



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