Meeting and Training Calendar

Click HERE to register for upcoming HMIS training opportunities.

NOTE: Registering for training does not generate an automatic response email. All information on how to attend training can be found on the HMIS calendar below. If you have questions, please reach out to us.
Did you know that some training is now on-demand? Click here to learn more!

What if a user moves from one UHMIS Accessing Organization to another?

When users leave one UHMIS using organization and move to another HMIS using organization, they will be allowed to skip new end-user training if:

  1. The user has passed the annual recertification test with a score of 80% or higher.
    1. UHMIS System Administration will maintain a record of who has passed each year’s Annual recertification test until the next year’s recertification test has completed.
  2. The user first became active after the recertification test was required (12/1/2019), and has passed all new end-user requirements.

UHMIS System Administration will still require the user to sign a new end-user agreement with the new organization before access is granted. UHMIS System Administration may require additional training on a case-by-case basis after reviewing the users prior access.

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