Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures – Utah Mountainland & Utah Balance of State Continuum of Care

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Reason for Policy

MTL-BOS CE system has adopted HUD CE System regulations, updated 2018, required to be met by agencies receiving CoC and/or Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding, and implemented by January 2018.

Upon approval, this document will serve as the Policies and Procedures manual for CE in the MTL and BoS CoCs, with the understanding the System will include:

A. Ongoing planning with stakeholder consultation – Stakeholders annually evaluate and update the CE system, to include regularly gathered feedback from consumers.

B. CE sub-committees – In addition to the Balance of State and Mountainland subcommittees, *Each LHCC shall have at least one body that acts as a CE sub-committee. The makeup of this body, frequency and content of meetings, and procedures for calling additional staffing should be outlined in the local addendum.

C. Inform local planning – Information gathered through CE will guide community decision making around homeless assistance planning.

D. *Leverage local attributes and capacity – Implementation with fidelity by local stakeholders that reflect community attributes and overall context, services and providers, will assist and define items each LHCC is asked to develop as an addendum in addition to these policies and procedures.

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