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May 2020News and Announcements:
Training is On-Demand
Updated Basic Assessment Form

Data Quality Tip:
Move-In Dates

UHMIS Use Tip:
HMIS Has a universal search bar
June 2020News and Announcements:
The end of State Fiscal Year 2020 is June 30

Data Quality Tip:
I only do one thing in UHMIS. How am I important to data quality?

UHMIS Use Tip:
How do I validate data?
July 2020News and Announcements
Happy State Fiscal New Year 2021!
Calling All Security Officers

Data Quality Tip:
Disabling Condition

UHMIS Use Tip:
How to Submit an Internal Issue
August 2020News and Announcements:
Where’s the SPDAT (Training)?

Data Quality Tip:
Current Living Situation and Date of Engagement
September 2020News and Announcements:
Move-In Dates
SPDAT Training
New Coordinated Entry Workspace
New Data Quality Report

Data Quality Tip:
Project Start Date (with bonus Move-In date information)

UHMIS Use Tip:
Interested Others
October 2020Coordinated Entry Special Edition
November 2020News and Announcements:
2021 Recertification is coming soon
Coordinated Entry is already improving
COVID-19 Information in UHMIS
Data quality improvement kits coming to an agency near you

Data Quality Tip:
Project Exit Date and Destination

UHMIS Use Tip:
Document Check
December 2020No newsletter sent, instead annual recertification test sent to all users
January 2021News and Announcements:
Annual Point In Time and Housing Inventory Counts Happening the night of January 27th.
2021 Recertification test is past due
2021 Recertification test challenges
Weekly UHMIS Open Office Hours

Data Quality Tip
Relationship to Head of Household
Client Location
January 2021 Special EditionNews and Announcements
First: New Eviction questions will appear on the Universal Data Assessment during the entry assessment workflow. 
Second: Comment box in Coordinated Entry Triage Assessment

Document Check (uploading files)
February 2021News and Announcements
COVID-19 Vaccination tracking tools.

April 2021News and Announcements
New UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures are open for public comment!
The ‘Diversion’ button is going away.
SPDAT? SPDAT! (More information about SPDAT training)
PIT and HIC – What’s the difference?
New HUD HMIS data standards are coming soon!

UHMIS Data Quality Tip
Date homelessness started

How to use Coordinated Entry enrollments as a Diversion Assessment.
May 2021News and Announcements
Draft “UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures” public comment period closing May 10th!
Gone, the Diversion Assessment button is.
The UHMIS Lead Agency is now housed in the Office of Homeless Services.

UHMIS Data Quality Tip
Exit Destination

Security Questions
June 2021News and Announcements
New HUD HMIS Data standards are out, training coming soon.
State Fiscal Year 2021 ends on June 30, 2021.
Learning to love the APR (APR / CAPER Review tool)
The UHMIS data subcommittee needs data gurus.

UHMIS Data Quality Tip
Income and Sources (4.02) and Non-Cash Benefits (4.03)

Uploading files to UHMIS
July 2021News and Announcements
New UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures are HERE!
HELP! There are too many users. I can’t log in!
Happy State Fiscal Year 2022
August 2021News and Announcements
In Case You Missed It: New UHMIS Forms are here
2022 HUD HMIS Data Standards are coming soon, training coming in September.
Coming Thursday 8/5/21: The magic intake button! (and other system updates)

System Update Change Summary
Home Workspace
Client Workspace
Coordinated Entry (By Name List)

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