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May 2020News and Announcements:
Training is On-Demand
Updated Basic Assessment Form

Data Quality Tip:
Move-In Dates

UHMIS Use Tip:
HMIS Has a universal search bar
June 2020News and Announcements:
The end of State Fiscal Year 2020 is June 30

Data Quality Tip:
I only do one thing in UHMIS. How am I important to data quality?

UHMIS Use Tip:
How do I validate data?
July 2020News and Announcements
Happy State Fiscal New Year 2021!
Calling All Security Officers

Data Quality Tip:
Disabling Condition

UHMIS Use Tip:
How to Submit an Internal Issue
August 2020News and Announcements:
Where’s the SPDAT (Training)?

Data Quality Tip:
Current Living Situation and Date of Engagement
September 2020News and Announcements:
Move-In Dates
SPDAT Training
New Coordinated Entry Workspace
New Data Quality Report

Data Quality Tip:
Project Start Date (with bonus Move-In date information)

UHMIS Use Tip:
Interested Others
October 2020Coordinated Entry Special Edition
November 2020News and Announcements:
2021 Recertification is coming soon
Coordinated Entry is already improving
COVID-19 Information in UHMIS
Data quality improvement kits coming to an agency near you

Data Quality Tip:
Project Exit Date and Destination

UHMIS Use Tip:
Document Check

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