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HMIS Forms:

Basic Assessment Forms

  • Basic Assessment Form
    • Use this form as a guide to collect all the 2022 HUD HMIS Data Standard for most programs, for Entry Assessment, Annual Assessment, and Exit Assessment. Agencies may customize this form, UHMIS System Administrators can provide a Word Document upon request. This form is designed to collect the Universal Data Standard elements required for all projects, and it does not collect all of the required elements for specialized projects such as; HOPWA, RHY, PATH, and SSVF.
    • 9/27/21 Update:
      • Updated for 2022 HUD HMIS Data Standards (implemented 10/1/21)
      • Removed all non-required questions, including pregnancy due date, and exit reason.
      • Upon request, Word version, and a larger 3-page version.
  • CARES Basic Assessment Form (2020 Data Standards, expired 9/30/21)
    • The Basic Assessment form with COVID-19 questions
  • Coordinated Entry Basic Assessment form (2020 Data Standards, expired 9/30/21)
    • The Basic Assessment form with Coordinated Entry questions.

Reporting in HMIS

Updated on 5/13/21:

  • Adjusted language in Appendix B regarding the calculation of services for family members.
  • Added Appendix E.1, describing the new APR / CAPER Review tool.
  • Added information about the APR / CAPER Review tool to the Basic data cleanup and understanding section.

Other Useful Information

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