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Basic Assessment Forms

  • Basic Assessment Form
    • Use this form as a guide to collect all the 2022 HUD HMIS Data Standard for most programs, for Entry Assessment, Annual Assessment, and Exit Assessment. Agencies may customize this form, and UHMIS System Administrators can provide a Word Document upon request. This form is designed to collect the Universal Data Standard elements required for all projects, and it does not collect all of the required elements for specialized projects such as; HOPWA, RHY, PATH, and SSVF.
    • 9/27/21 Update:
      • Updated for 2022 HUD HMIS Data Standards (implemented 10/1/21)
      • Removed all non-required questions, including pregnancy due date and exit reason.
      • Upon request, a Word version and a larger 3-page version.
  • CARES Basic Assessment Form (2020 Data Standards, expired 9/30/21)
    • The Basic Assessment form with COVID-19 questions
  • Coordinated Entry Basic Assessment form (2022 Data Standards)
    • The Basic Assessment form with Coordinated Entry questions and CE Events.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Basic Assessment form (2022 Data Standards)
    • The Basic Assessment form tailored for PSH projects includes the Well-Being assessment.
  • PATH Basic Assessment Form
    • The Basic Assessment form is tailored for projects funded with PATH dollars (specifically services only and street outreach programs, please check data elements for other PATH-funded projects).
  • Street Outreach Basic Assessment Form.
    • The Basic Assessment form for Street Outreach.
  • Night By Night Emergency Shelter Basic Assessment Form
    • The basic assessment form for Night By Night Emergency Shelters.

Reporting in HMIS

Updated on 7/27/22

  • General language and screenshot updates for the 2022 UHMIS User Interface Upgrade

Other Useful Information

  1. Summary of all required data elements
    1. Use this document to check if you are collecting all required data at the correct time for each program, including all specialized project types.
    2. Fun fact, the UHMIS Lead Agency lovingly calls this the “baby blanket” because we think big spreadsheets full of helpful reference information are comforting.
  2. UHMIS Security Model 
  3. Final Rule on Defining “Chronically Homeless”
  4. How to Create Client SPDAT Score Graph in Excel
  5. How to do a Referral for a PATH or RHY Program in ClientTrack
  6. How to Use the Help Feature in ClientTrack
  7. HMIS Training Videos
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