Training Videos

CSA Card Creation

CSA Card Creation video, and how to use the CSA card system. This system is outside of Utah HMIS, but we are posting it on this website for easy reference for those who use the CSA card system.

Check your HMIS Data Quality

Instructions on how to check your organizational data at the end of each quarter before it is reported to the State of Utah. Video includes suggestions on how to verify agency data for any funding source.

Coordinated Entry How-to

Instructions on how to enter VI-SPDATs and SPDATs into HMIS so they show up on your community’s Coordinated Entry Housing List

Move-in date How-to

Instructions for how to enter move-in dates in HMIS for Permanent Housing projects (permanent supportive housing, rapid re-housing, housing only)

Exit destinations

Instructions for how to exit a client from their enrollment in HMIS

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