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HMIS Homework Help

This video walks through the basic homework assignment required by all new end users of UHMIS. It should be watched after attending a new end-user training (posted at You may also watch this video as a review, but please remember to only enter false information into the training database and real information into the live database.

ItemTime StartTime StopReference Color
Basic Navigation2:1124:26Gray
Locate a Client Record24:2626:56Blue
Create a Client and/or Enrollment, Create Entry Assessments26:561:21:23Orange
Create Annual and During Program Enrollment Assessments1:23:311:29:16Yellow
Create Exit Enrollments and create an Exit Assessment1:29:161:34:59Purple

Data Validation Tips

Use the tools in UHMIS to help with your data validation process.

Tools covered:

  • General Data Validation best practices.
  • Clients In Programs
  • Services Summary
  • APR
  • APR / CAPER Review Tool

Reporting in Night By Night Emergency Shelter

Batch Check-Ins

TANF Family Housing Rental Assistance tutorial

This video explores the new TANF Family Housing Rental Assistance requirements in HMIS.

Note: This video demonstrates UHMIS using an outdated User Interface; the system will look different but function similarly.

CSA Card Creation

CSA Card Creation video and how to use the CSA card system. This system is outside Utah HMIS, but we are posting it on this website for easy reference for those using the CSA card system.

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