Training Videos

2020 Point In Time App Video

This video shows you how to use the Survey123 application for the 2020 Point In Time (PIT) count starting on January 22, 2020.

HMIS Homework Help

This video walks through the basic homework assignment required by all new end users of UHMIS. It should be watched after attending a new end-user training (posted at You may also watch this video as a review, but please remember to only enter false information into the training database and real information into the live database.

To make navigation easier, each section is color coded, and you may skip ahead in the video to review anything you need additional help with.

Item, time it is found within the video, color.

  • Basic Navigation, 1:40 – 10:24, Gray
  • Locate a Client Record, 10:45 – 14:44, Blue
  • Create a Client and/or Enrollment, and Create Entry Assessments, 15:17 – 44:50, Red
    • Basic Client Information, 17:22 – 23:22, Dark Blue
    • Family Members, 23:23 – 25:52, Dark Red
    • Program Enrollment, 26:52 – 31:12, Green
    • Universal Data Assessment, 31:12 – 38:06, Dark Purple
    • Barriers, 38:12 – 42:00, Light Blue
    • Domestic Violence Assessment, 42:01 – 42:49, Orange
    • Financial Assessment, 42:50 -44:50, Hot Pink
  • Services, 45:20 – 48:24, Green
  • Create Annual and During Program Enrollment Assessments, 48:40 – 54:55, Purple
  • Exit Enrollments and create an Exit Assessment, 55:15 – 1:00:00, Light Blue

TANF Family Housing Rental Assistance tutorial

This video runs through the new TANF Family Housing Rental Assistance requirements in HMIS.

CSA Card Creation

CSA Card Creation video, and how to use the CSA card system. This system is outside of Utah HMIS, but we are posting it on this website for easy reference for those who use the CSA card system.

Check your HMIS Data Quality

Instructions on how to check your organizational data at the end of each quarter before it is reported to the State of Utah. Video includes suggestions on how to verify agency data for any funding source.

Coordinated Entry How-to

Coordinated Entry is changing! Starting October 1, 2020 all agencies except Domestic Violence Service Providers should use the process on the Coordinated Entry page.

Instructions on how to enter VI-SPDATs and SPDATs into HMIS so they show up on your community’s Coordinated Entry Housing List

Move-in date How-to

Instructions for how to enter move-in dates in HMIS for Permanent Housing projects (permanent supportive housing, rapid re-housing, housing only)

Exit destinations

Instructions for how to exit a client from their enrollment in HMIS

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