Helpful Links

Utah HMIS Database Login – This is our live, production database.  Here you input and extract your organization’s actual data.

Utah HMIS Training Database Login – This database is dedicated for learning the ins and outs of ClientTrack. Users with access can login to this database to experiment and learn everything that can be done in the production database (including extracting data and running reports).

Utah Homelessness Data Dashboard

HUD  Exchange – HUD’s Office of Community Planning and Development provides needs assessments, technical assistance, tools, and learning opportunities to organizations that receive CPD funds. HUD Exchange  provides technical assistance that is comprehensive, needs-based and cross-program.

Utah Continua of Care – Network of service providers organized geographically and established to strategically plan for homeless services in their communities.

Utah Homelessness Programs Office – The Homelessness Office provides guidance, oversight and funding to help communities assist people to become more self-sufficient socially, physically, culturally and economically by reducing poverty and improving the quality of life for low-income Utahns.

HMIS Data Standards Manual

Prioritizing Persons Experiencing Chronic Homelessness in Permanent Supportive Housing and Record keeping Requirements for Documenting Chronic Homeless Status



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