Managing Case Assignments

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My Case Assignments

In the Home workspace, on the user dashboard under ‘My Case Assignments,’ you can see a list of all the clients currently assigned to you.

You can also find your case assignments under ‘Active Case Assignments‘ in the Tools menu in the home workspace.

On the Active Case Assignments page, you can see basic information about the enrollment and the Head of Household. You can go directly to the client record by clicking the select client button. You can edit the enrollment by clicking on the pen.

Client Case Managers

You can find the client’s Case Manager list in the Clients workspace under the Case Management menu.

Adding Clients To The Case Assignments List

Enrollment Entry Assessment

Clients are often added to your case assignments list when enrollment is created. The Case Manager information defaults to the user that is creating the enrollment. However, you can use the search function to select a different user.

From the Case Management Menu

You can add case managers on the Case Manager Assignments page by clicking on ‘Add Case Assignment.’

Simply add the assignment start date, case manager name (will default to yours, or you can search for a different case manager), enrollment (must be open during the case assignment timeframe), and click save.

Removing Clients From The Case Assignments List

Enrollment Exit Assessment

Clients are often removed from the active case list when enrollments are exited. The case manager will appear on the enrollment exit form, and a check box below asks if you want to end the case assignment. This checkbox defaults as checked, but users could uncheck it during the exit assessment workflow if needed.

From the Client Case Manager’s list

You can end a case manager’s assignment with a client from the client’s workspace. Click on ‘Case Managers‘ in the Case Management menu. Then click on the edit icon for the case manager and the enrollment you wish to edit.

On the Case Manager Assignment page, add an end date and change the status from active to ‘Inactive,’ then click save.

Viewing Inactive Assignments

You can see your inactive assignments in the tools menu in the home workspace. The inactive case assignments show you all past clients associated with you.

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