This post is intended to provide accurate and up-to-date information for users of UHMIS and the developing COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 form, and how to inform HMIS users of a clients COVID-19 status:

Data Sharing:

  • UHMIS Privacy Posting Amendment.
    • An amendment has been approved by the UHMIS Steering Committee to allow for limited data sharing to protect persons experiencing homelessness.
    • It should posted next to the existing UHMIS Privacy Posting, and removed once the additional sharing provisions are no longer needed.

Data Collection:

One of our providers reached out to us asking if there would be any consideration for reduced data collection and overall data quality for projects where social distancing also hinders confidentiality, i.e., Street Outreach.

So far, we haven’t seen any guidance from HUD regarding data collection from HUD regarding reduced data collection or data quality as a direct result of social distancing restrictions.

We submitted an Ask A Question (AAQ) to HUD for more clarification. HUD stated that no reduction in data collection would be implemented, but if it happens that it should be documented in reporting. We encourage you to take this step further and also document it in HMIS using the Case Notes, or comment boxes.

E-Signatures (Especially for the Informed Consent Release Form)

Before data is shared about clients in HMIS an Informed Consent Release Form should be signed by the client. This poses some challenge if interaction is being limited or done virtually.

HUD approves the use of e-signatures for this document, so long as the signature is collected using a legally binding method and the storage of the signature follows best practices. Agencies wishing to implement e-signatures for UHMIS may contact the UHMIS System Administration team ( for additional information.

UHMIS does not have a formal policy regarding e-signatures at this time, but that may develop as we process the unique challenges presented to us.

HUD COVID-19 Resources:
Updated information from HUD will be posted on:

HMIS Specific information is posted here:

More information will be posted soon.

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