New end-user homework assignment

The homework assignment for new end-users is as follows:

  1. Enroll at least four fake clients in your programs
    1. Two Individuals
    2. One family (more than one household member)
      1. Note: Any programs with “Coordinated Entry” are not acceptable for homework enrollments.
  2. Add 1-3 services to each head of household.
  3. Perform a “During Program Enrollment” assessment for each client.
  4. Exit each client from the enrollments you created
    1. Note: Any of the following exit destinations are not acceptable for homework exits.
      1. No exit interview completed
      2. Other
      3. Deceased
      4. Data not collected
      5. Client Refused
      6. Client doesn’t know
  5. Submit a copy of the end-user agreement.
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