Agency set-up forms:

Referral Provider Setup form

If a participating organization wants to receive referrals from other agencies for services, please fill out the Referral Provider setup form. Please contact if you have any questions.

Security Officer Sign up form

Each Agency should have at least one designated security officer. More information is found on the sign-up form and in the UHMIS Standard Operating Policies & Procedures document. The Sign-up form allows Agencies to quickly notify the UHMIS Lead Agency of a new security officer. 

UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures:

NEW: Draft UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures:

Draft UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures

Public Comment Response Form

We are proud to announce that the UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures and all associated governing documents for UHMIS have been completely rewritten. The UHMIS Steering Committee last approved changes to the UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures in 2014. The rewrite process has taken over a year of hard work. Many people lent a hand to ensure the UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures are complete and suitable for all people that interact with UHMIS.

The UHMIS Steering Committee has targeted July 1, 2021, for this draft to replace the current UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures.

Public Comment details:
Open: March 25, 2021
Close: May 10, 2021
Days open: 45

Current UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures:

Current UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures

The current UHMIS Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The UHMIS SOP is meant to provide standard Policies and Procedures for HMIS implementation on all levels. It also provides the framework for the ongoing operations of the Utah Homeless Management Information System (UHMIS). The Project Overview provides the main objectives, direction & benefits of UHMIS. Governing Principles establish the values that are the basis for all policy statements and subsequent decisions. Operating Procedures provide specific policies and steps necessary to control the operational environment and enforce compliance in data quality, data coverage, and compliance with the multiple grant requirements.

UHMIS Continuum of Care (CoC) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Click here to read the most current MOU signed between the three State of Utah CoCs and the State of Utah.

UHMIS Data Quality Plan and UHMIS Monitoring Toolkit

The UHMIS Data Quality Plan was approved by the UHMIS Steering Committee on 10/31/19. The plan outlines data quality expectations and monitoring requirements for UHMIS of all organizations that input into UHMIS.

*UPDATED for 2021* The UHMIS Monitoring Toolkit Questions used for the State Fiscal Year 2021 (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021) includes the questions and expectations UHMIS inputting organizations will be monitored on during State Fiscal Year 2021. UHMIS System Administrators will contact each eligible organization in October 2020 to start the monitoring process. This is later than what is outlined in the UHMIS Data Quality Plan, the delay is a direct result of the ongoing updates of the SFY21 toolkit. the voting process to the new procedure, and is not expected to occur in State Fiscal Year 2021.

UHMIS: State of Utah Data Standards (DRAFT)

The UHMIS: State of Utah Data Standards (DRAFT) contains the additional data elements required by the State of Utah. Many data elements users collect in UHMIS are required by HUD or other federal funding partners, however the Department of Workforce Services, Housing and Community Development Homeless Programs Office along with other homeless services leadership within the State of Utah require additional data to be collected. 

This document is in draft form, and we encourage and appreciate your input.

Comments or suggestions for improvement? Please fill out this form.

Questions? Please email us ( directly.

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